Kodi is powerful, open-source software for organizing your media libraries, streaming digital content and so much more.

What Is Kodi? Everything You Need To Know

Kodi is a free application that serves as an entertainment hub that brings all your digital media together to enjoy in one place. One of the Kodi’s greatest strengths is that it can be used on so many different operating systems and devices. If you are reading this, then you probably already own something that Kodi can be installed on.

Kodi allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet. Kodi can also be used to host a variety of applications that can be used to watch live tv, sports, movies, tv shows, and so much more, all for free.


How Can I Use Kodi?

Kodi works on most personal computers, laptops, tablets and phones since Kodi can be used on so many operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Many users want to play Kodi on a device that is dedicated to one of their televisions to serve as a replacement to the traditional cable box. The most common option people choose is to install Kodi on an Android based device such as a Fire TV Cube, Fire TV 4K, or Fire TV Stick, Check out this video that walks you through that process below.

Between these devices, we recommend the faster devices with more memory to improve performance when using Kodi. The Fire Cube is the fastest option of these three, followed by the Fire TV 4K, then followed by the Fire TV Stick. If you are looking for other choices, there are a variety of Android based TV Boxes that you can use and some have even faster processors and more memory.

If you are looking for other devices to run Kodi, there are a variety of Android based TV Boxes that you can use. Each box has unique features, but you will generally want to look for boxes with faster processors, more memory, and the types of ports and connections that you are looking for.

If a “Kodi Box” comes “fully loaded” then it comes with the Kodi application already installed along with popular addons installed as well.

One can see the convenience of this approach, but this does not give you the customized features that make Kodi so powerful, and the software installed requires maintenance over time, and new and better addons become available. That is why I recommend learning how to install the software onto devices yourself to take advantage of Kodi’s powerful features and always be running the best software and addons.

For an example of these boxes, check out my review of the Beelink GT1 Ultimate Android Box below.

How do I customize Kodi?

Due to the open source nature of Kodi, the software can be customized for the entertainment experience that you want. Some examples include:

Kodi Addons can be used to add additional features and functionality to Kodi for you to take advantage of. All Add-Ons can be installed via the application itself and they will automatically update as new versions are released. It is kind of like an “App Store” for Kodi, but everything is Free! One of the most popular types of addons are video addons that provide access to free movies, TV Shows, live sports, pay per view events, and more. These use powerful search capabilities to locate free content available throughout the web and stream it to your device. Addons are constantly being released and updated, so check our site for latest information about the best addons available for the Kodi platform.

Kodi Builds provides a quick way to customize your version of Kodi. Some people spend hours of research determining what addons they want to install and how they want to configure and display them. Other people see someone else’s setup and simply want an exact copy of what they see. This is where Kodi builds are the perfect solution.

With a Kodi build, you save hours of research and configuration and instead adopt a Kodi setup that someone else has designed. The process for installing a build just takes a few clicks. Then you are up and running up quickly and can start enjoying the benefits of Kodi right away.

Kodi Skins can be used to completely change the appearance of the interface to something that meets your tastes.

Kodi Electric Programming Guides can be installed as addons to help navigate through live TV, like the program guide that you would receive with a cable or dish related service.

Variety of Entertainment Options Available in addition to video related content, you can also:

Download and stream music can provide you with access to unlimited music from a variety of artists, songs and stations available for use on all of your devices.
Manage your photos Upload your own pictures and videos to your media library and use addons to edit and organize your photos and upload them to social media
Download and Play video games with hundreds of gaming addons to choose from. A great selection of games is available in a variety of formats including PC and Android games and a classic/retro games.

Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi is completely legal as an application. Downloading and installing the Kodi app does not pose any legal troubles and the software can be used for a variety of legal purposes. Due to the open source nature of Kodi, some of the addons and plug-ins that are created by third parties can result in illegal access to copywrited material, which is where legal problems enter the picture, and where some users get blocked by their Internet Service Provider.

Best Kodi VPN

Many users that are bothered by the prospect of their ISP tracking their internet activity and blocking their content decide to install a VPN for their devices to protect their privacy.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network masks the IP address associated with the Internet Activity of the user. We recommend the use of a VPN service to protect your identity on the internet for a variety of reasons. We encourage you to learn about more about these benefits and How to Install a VPN Service here. Another key benefit for Kodi users that have started using VPN service is that it ensures they have access to the full range of Kodi addons and builds because since access to these can also be restricted by Internet Service Providers. A VPN can be installed on virtually any device and provides the level of privacy and protection that you and your family deserve.